The Sniff-it Arrives

Blue Sky Prairie Textiles yardage has been used to produce blankets, rugs, upholstery, pillows, mittens, garments, handbags and now the newest contribution:

The Sniff-it*. Smallest in size, it is the largest in concept of all the work done at Blue Sky.  The custom handmade design is portable and easy to use.  The stitch structure as well as felting techniques employed makes a product perfect for accepting essential oil** and dispersing it over time from the Sniff-it pillow. The intent of the Sniff-it is to help canines (and now humans) to use their sense of smell to easily inhale the positive stimulation directly to their brain and body.


* Sniff-it TM patent pending

**we enthusiastically recommend using animalEO essential oil on your Sniff-its.

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