The History of the Sniff-it

During the last 25 years, there has been any number of attempts to discover how the Blue Sky yardage  could be best utilized.  There were several successes in showcasing the product but none of them evolved the way we expected.  No matter how and what we tried, other options prevailed.  In between launching the fabric in different venues, each time while I was waiting to see what would happen, I passed the time by rescuing another animal.  A  hunk of a tom cat found by a friend on a stormy night who was diagnosed with FIV and could not go to a home with other cats.  No cats at Blue Sky, Panda(monium) moved in.  A three legged Coon Hound who made her move by leaning on me during an adoption event in front of the original Wet Nose.  I remember someone saying to me "With your business, can you afford another dog?" I replied "I can't afford not to!"  and so it went until two years ago I decided to not work toward other people's  tastes; but to combine my two greatest loves:  making felted wool fabric and dogs.  The house was full of ideas and of animals.  I designed  and made the original Buddy Friends bag that was made of my fabric and finished with coordinated leather and Swarovski crystal shoulder strap, matching dog collar and leash.  Great idea!  Great messenger bag and handsome dog gear!!  Despite the beauty and clever design, the Buddy Friend ensemble was out classed and out done by cutting the fabric in small pieces and reconfiguring it into a small object that would significantly change dogs chances of a better life.  Next time, the Sniff-it is born.

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