So what have you done for me lately? : PROVIDE


Each dog coming into a Sound Beginning Program is given a Sniff-it which has been oiled with animalEO’s Calm-A-Mile RTU. In addition to the dog’s keen sense of smell, the program employs sound and touch in their completely positive clicker approach.

Sniff-it also works with A Sound Beginning and The Puppy Professor by supplying product and support to rescue, foster, and adoptive homes. You are invited to attend a Starfish Adoption event at their headquarters in Batavia.
Come and watch us work!

In transport, custom made Sniff-its are used to ease the Galgo’s flight from Madrid to Chicago. Once here, the Love Hope Believe Galgo Rescue continues to use them to ease the dogs’ adjustment into their foster and forever homes.

Two puppies flew to join their guardians in Paris last fall. No muss, no fuss...
They arrived calm and confident.

Starfish Rescue employs ASB Music with the Sniff-it to move it’s rescue dogs from Kentucky to Illinois.

Hortensia, the resident Galga of Blue Sky is writing about her story of self discovery.
The book will be available in English & Spanish. She will send books back to children in Spain. Proceeds from book sales will be sent to Foundacion Benjamin Mehnert to assist the long line of Galgos who wait.