Kentucky Hounds

Kentucky Hounds

They step cautiously from their transport crates, lungs filling with midwest air. More heart soul and spirit than can be imagined, the hounds navigate as best they can toward the second part of their lives. Authentic dogs--at most, days from their old haunts. Capable dogs accustomed to the hunt: baying, chasing, and able to hold prey for their hunter’s shot. Unquestioned loyalty, content in their pack, the dogs give their all. Sometimes, they do not receive all they need in return. When, for whatever reason, the dog cannot continue, it is eliminated from the pack.

It is at this point that you and I have an opportunity to gain access to these remarkable animals. The heart, soul, spirit and authenticity appeal to us, and we enthusiastically open our homes and hearts to them. Often, we are clueless to who they are and where they have been. The transition from their mountain hollers to our flatland is facilitated by countless people in various locations who are willing to work with them to help ease the changes inherent in each 2 new situation.

The medical needs (sometimes never having been addressed) are evaluated and begun. The daily habits, ie., expected behavior indoors as opposed to spending all of their previous time out of doors, are noted, and the work begins. Toys and play are introduced sometimes new, often confusing. The stages are rescue, shelter, transport, shelter, foster and finally adoption. The dog we take home is still authentic wanting pack and desiring exploration of the million things it smells and locates.

If we are patient, if we are kind, if we are consistent, if we keep our sense of humor, we will complete our pact with them. We will meet their needs and become their pack leader. Is all of this easy? No, nothing worthwhile ever is. Is it in fact worthwhile? Absolutely.

The experience and rewards are life changing.

To learn more about the rescuing efforts of the Kentucky Hounds, please visit:

Starfish Animal Rescue

A volunteer and foster based organization saving one Kentucky life at a time! Be part of the bigger picture!

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