Annie: On Aging and Compassion

Annie: On Aging and Compassion

a tale worth sharing………

How many of us have heard or witnessed the old dog, bewildered face and sad posture searching for the human that dropped them off? Despite the variety of excuses, the script is all too familiar, the result is always the same: they will not be back to retrieve their companion animal. Here is an example of the scenario we all would wish for:


On June 7 I received a request from a gentleman who asked if I would get him a bigger bottle of Calm-a-Mile RTU. He already had been using a medium Sniff-it and sample oil but he needed more.


He wanted to take his 16+ year old English Sheep dog on a road trip! Who could resist helping him in his quest for inclusion rather than exclusion?


I asked if I could add a new style Sniff-it called “Big Dog 1 inch” made for big dogs (read “all that fur”) who wear 1” collars. He agreed. The Sniff-it was added compliments of Ava.


We had our conversation on Thursday, he needed delivery on Saturday as they planned to leave on Sunday. The delivery distance was Midwest to the coast. Fed Ex accepted the challenge and sure enough, the package arrived on Saturday as promised. (The overnight fee was nearly 3X the product price….the guardian had said “whatever it takes”.)


I was so impressed with this man! I asked if all went well, would he be willing to share his story and trip photos. I also assured him that I would understand if he wanted to remain private.


June ended. July and August came and went. When September passed, I began to honor his privacy. Then in October I received his email and photographs!


“Last summer you helped us and our dog Annie etc……to help our old dog to travel in the car for 5 plus hours. She, with age, had become scared to ride, while as a puppy she begged to go in the car anytime we went.

At 16 plus years we suspect many things have led to that, especially her failed eye sight and current car windows start so high up they can’t see anything. Attached are some photos etc……She is an old English Sheep dog with her summer hair cut. She is still using your product to travel in the car each weekend. Old age is becoming very hard for her so we also are using it now to help her get through rough nights when she seems to wake up confused as to where she is and where we are (usually within feet). It’s amazing what we can do to help her……”.

To end the summer and begin the Holidays, I will be thinking about Annie and her guardians who continue to choose what is possible and best for her. May we all have the wisdom and courage to do the same.

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