This page will always showcase  “a win”  journey. We acknowledge and celebrate the dogs, cats and human beings that make the dream a reality. Blue Sky dedicates this endeavor by introducing you to Hannah.
Hannah overcame her heartworm, leg trap damage and multiple owner give-ups, never seeing herself as a victim. You would come to know her as the spokesperson for all Kentucky Hounds making their way North and in many ways, all dogs rescued.

Her story:

In 2004, we met on a hot summer day on the sidewalk in front of Wet Nose in Geneva Commons. Lying under the table, she, along with a few others were looking for their forever homes.

Shopping for dog food, I pushed through the gathering into the dog store, and on the way out paused long enough for her to surface from her safe place. She was a beautiful Walker Treeing Coon Hound.  Engaging me with her soulful dark eyes, she moved toward me on 3 ½ legs. In situations like that you try to ignore all that you see, especially the inherent and impending responsibility. I was actually looking at the little white fluffy blind dog. I petted Hannah and she earnestly leaned against me.

The next morning I could still feel her weight from that “lean”.  Mentally I talked hard to myself not to get involved with the hound.

My fingers punched in my vet’s phone number. “Can you make a peg leg for a dog?” I inquired. Then I called the dog store to see if the white dog was still available. Gone. “What about the Coon Hound?” “Oh she’s still here, no one will take her.” My response shot from my mouth, ”I am bringing my Jack Russell to town, and if they don’t hate each other, Hannah is coming home with us!”

That is precisely how it happened through forces greater than we, that Hannah came to Blue Sky. Weeks and months allowed her to finish healing from her heartworm treatment. When the treatment was complete, her partial leg was removed. After her body again healed, she swam every week, growing strong and balanced. Hannah proved to be my consumate teacher. So high in her expectations of herself and others, she became the life force engine supporting me as I began to work on the Sniff-it. She helped select Ava as her successor and opened my heart’s door and house’s door to the stream of hounds that continue to continue...

A special thank you to Appi Preusen who chose to bring Hannah to Illinois, pay for her heartworm treatment out of her own pocket, would not accept reimbursement and kept her safe and close until I met them.

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