Sniff-it all in one package + A Sound Beginning Book & CD
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Sniff-it all in one package + A Sound Beginning Book & CD

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The Sniff-it you love, the essential oil they need!

This package contains:

  • Sniff-it (sized for ½”, 1”, 1+” collars & Big Dog 1”)
  • PLUS 5 ml bottle of animalEO Calm-a-Mile RTU
  • PLUS Easy and convenient instructions for maximum efficiency
  • PLUS A Sound Beginning CD

Diffusing Calm-a-Mile RTU from a portable Sniff-it promotes a balanced and calm attitude for your dog without direct contact. Successful used alone or in layering with other forms of sensory support (sound, Thundershirt etc.)

How can I put it on my dog?

Click here to watch a video demonstration.

A Sound Beginning: Music to Help Dogs Cope with Stress or Fear

A sound therapy CD of solo piano music created specifically to lower a dog’s anxiety by affecting the nervous system – lowering blood pressure and slowing down heart rate.

Playing the CD will create a calming effect in stressful environments such as:

♫ Moving to a new home

♫ Welcoming a baby into the family

♫  Riding in the car

♫ During Thunderstorms & Fireworks

♫ During Separation – fear of being left alone


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