Crate Sniff-it
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Crate Sniff-it

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To promote a calm and peaceful ride for cats and dogs who travel in a crate.

What you get:

  • (1) custom & handmade Sniff-it + carrier storage bag
  • (1) sample bottle of animalEO's essential oil
  • complete instructions for use & care

Choose from one of the following animalEO samples:

  • Clear Sailing™ - a blend designed for an uplifting, yet calming and relaxing result.
  • Calm-a-Mile™ RTU - for any situation where a calm and balanced attitude is desired.
  • Focus™ - a blend created specifically to focus attention and motivation towards a certain project or attitude.
  • Transition™ - assists coping with fear, change, grief and build an acceptable new normal.