The best diffuser money can buy!

My own dogs have been "testers" for the Sniff-its for many months now.  And they are some rough and tumble fur-kids!  We have put our Sniff-its through the torture test; they have endured rain, mud, an "escapee" swimming and playing on our flooded land, bully-style play mode, and of course various essential oils applied to them over, and over again!  Although the fun and frolicking has made them a bit dirty, they have washed up well, and not a single one has come off of a collar!  That, is an amazing statement.  As almost every other diffuser made for dog collars that we have tried, have been quick to break or become lost.  And, I have paid far more for those diffusers than for a Sniff-it! 

~ Dr. Melissa Shelton, DVM


Saved us on Halloween night!

Lilly's sniff-it saved us on Halloween night. She was so stressed with all of the activity and was barking continuously (being the good German Shepherd that she is :) ). We put on her pretty pink sniff-it, she calmed down and the barking decreased dramatically. My husband is amazed by how much it helps with her stress and fear issues. Thank you for developing such a wonderful product!

~ N. Wynn


Perfect for Thunder Storms

Rain can stay ... it's the thunder that upsets our guys, or used to. Thanks Sniff-it!

~ Sirius Cooks (Chicago Retailer)


Creating calm at dog training

At Wiggles-n-Wags Dog Training, Inc., in Lombard, Il., we just finished a session of Feisty Fido. We have been using the Sniff-it as part of the class and since we added this product people are amazed because the dogs are so much calmer - it's a GREAT GREAT GREAT product!

~ J. Oserka