About Us


Blue Sky is a 5 acre parcel of land west of Chicago that supports a 30+ year old tall grass prairie planting.  Blue Sky is also the name of the custom vernacular farm house in which we live and work.  And, because the colors and textures of the prairie are often our inspiration and this place is where we work, the name of our company is Blue Sky Prairie Textiles.  Here we celebrate life, the seasons, the weather, the beauty and inspiration that all of this provides.  "We" are 2 rescue cats, a pack of 5 rescue Beagles and a vintage retired art teacher, fiber artist and loyal friend and guardian who insists on making everyone's life more beautiful and the dogs life more wonderful.  The flow goes something like this:  Lou Ann designs using drawings, impressions, and photographs taken on Blue Sky Prairie and emails them to Peter.  At about the same time, Chuck receives Lou Ann's yarn order and prepares to ship it from Jagger Brothers in Springvale, Maine to Fleck Knitwear in Plainfield, New Jersey.  When Peter downloads a Blue Sky pattern into his computerized knitting equipment and connects the right color yarn to the correct needle, the magic of turning yarn into yardage begins.  When the order is complete, the fabric is sent to Blue Sky to be felted and finished.  The cycle of beautiful image evolving into beautiful American made yardage is complete.


Lou Ann Forbes
Owner & Founder


Blue Sky Pack