Collar Sniff-it
Collar Sniff-it
Collar Sniff-it
Collar Sniff-it
Collar Sniff-it
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Collar Sniff-it

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The Collar Sniff-it is a handmade, portable diffuser for use with essential oils.  Wearing a Sniff-it helps your dog to focus, be calm and make better choices. Improved attitude = better quality of life.

Collar Sniff-its are always handmade from soft and beautiful Blue Sky Prairie custom felted wool.  And, each one is made from combining compatible pattern and color.  While all pieces function the same, no two are alike! 

How to use:

  1. apply 1-2 drops of essential oil to the pillow
  2. fasten Sniff-it to your dog's collar
  3. slide into position under his/her nose

How to size: 

Simple. Just measure the width of your dog's collar, then choose from one of three available sizes.

  • Small - fits 1/2" collar
  • Medium - fits 1" collar
  • Large - fits 1-1/2" collar

What you get:

  • (1) custom & handmade Sniff-it + carrier storage bag
  • (1) sample bottle of animalEO's essential oil
  • complete instructions for use & care

Choose from one of the following animalEO samples:

  • Clear Sailing™ - a blend designed for an uplifting, yet calming and relaxing result.
  • Calm-a-Mile™ RTU - for any situation where a calm and balanced attitude is desired.
  • Focus™ - a blend created specifically to focus attention and motivation towards a certain project or attitude.
  • Transition™ - assists coping with fear, change, grief and build an acceptable new normal.